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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hi Folks,I'm a Linux admin with little storage background - as such our org farms out larger tasks to a 3rd party Netapp specialist.  Having only been ...read more
Hi,   I want to get a breakdown of the total read/write/other IOPS over a specific period, say 24 hours or a week for example. OCUM only seems to prov ...read more
Hi,   i'm missing a list of all aggregates like in the volume view.   The aggregate (Tiers) view is total useless! Or do i missed something?    How ca ...read more
We have some legacy software on Windows 2003 server unable to go higher.Made a share on 2070 cluster with local user access to it and all anonimous bl ...read more
Hello, We have configured a FAS8020 cluster running ontap 9.1P9 to upload configuration backup to a remote FTP server, using a system account on such ...read more
We have two clusters that we have been running since 8.3.2P2 (now on 9.7P7) and we noticed that when we run "vserver services dns hosts show" there ar ...read more
Backup failed in commvault with error code 39:467 with the below error   backup faliure in the error NDMP server[XYZ] reported the following error: [D ...read more
Hi,   I've noticed that the default Network Security Group for CVO has an allowed incoming rule for Kerberos TCP 749. Can anyone articulate why this i ...read more
Hi all,    in short - how can I change the formatting on the event logs going to a syslog server?in detail -  I have configured my cluster to to send ...read more
Hi I m wondering how i can manage to have non disrutive failover for cifs session.  As far as i can see i should use continuous availability but i see ...read more
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