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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hi guys,   we have a strange behavior here in two different VMware Cluster environments. Here are the details ...   NetApp FAS2520 with Data ONTAP Ver ...read more
NFS datastore with one Window VM in it, in vSphere environment. AFF SSD aggr.   The user is complaining taking much longer to  complete a job, and the ...read more
Pardon my naivete, I"ve not used NetApp much.  I've inherited an old FAS8040 running OnTap 8.2.4. It's out of support and the only thing I need to do ...read more
Quota type can be Tree or User. My question is, when should I use Tree type and when use User type?  Why do we have have to have these two different t ...read more
Hello Guys   Any question. I need download Ontap 9.7P4 but is not available.   There is a reason why it is no longer available?   Regards Sebastian An ...read more
Hello,   Does anyone know the best way to check for inactive data on ONTAP 9.3?   I know that from 9.4 there's the feature "-is-inactive-data-reportin ...read more
Hi, We are planning to migrate CIFS Data from 8020 7 Mode to 8200 Cluster. with same cifs server name and IP Please suggest should we create the CIFS ...read more
Hi guys, sorry for my english! I manage a Netapp storage environment and I came across the following situation: I deleted a 23 TB NFS volume that was ...read more
Hi guys, when i logged on the ontap system manager this morning, this is the message that was on my overview "Node "Morgan02" has taken over node "Mor ...read more
Interesting problem on one HA Node. The ‘storage show disk –p’ and ‘aggr status –r’ output shows ? for Shelf 3 drives on only 1 node in the 7-Mode HA ...read more
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