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HI All     I build a OnTAP simulator lab server and want to collect audit log... so I create a CIFS volume to let user place their data (eningeering), ...read more
Hello Folks, We have a DR FAS8020 (single node "cluster") system in another building that serves solely as a target for DR on our primary clusters (mi ...read more
Hello,   I am thinking about upgrading the complete FAS2750 stack we have from IOM6 to IOM12. Does anybody have any experience with the performance in ...read more
Hi   Have a FAS2620 running ONTAP 9.3. We need to send the Event logs to a location using a non-standard port, 5514 vice 514. Can that be done? The co ...read more
    There is a 4 nodes cluster, node1/node2 is a HA pair, node3/node4 is another HA pair. I want to use "aggr create aggr1 -mirror true" command to cr ...read more
I had to delete the snapshot prior to the snapmirror process running.  Now I'm getting an error of "No common Snapshot copy found between SSPC_SVM:SSP ...read more
Can i have more than one cluster IP  and Node IP ??
Hi guys,     The customer has a FAS8080 with some X308 3TB disks, but haven´t any more spares. On the same cluster, he has a FAS9000 with X318 8TB dis ...read more
In stead of using LIF,  for instance, "vserver-lif1", if I use an IP address "", will it gets failed to the other node in case of something ...read more
Hi - any help appreciated.  I replaced a disk on my 3220 (Ontap 9.1P14) with an identical disk.  The only difference I can see is the firmware is NA02 ...read more
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