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Hello;   I want to update our FAS 2240 to the newest cdot 9.1P20 Image. so i downloaded the image successfully: Software get http://.../91P20_q_image. ...read more
Hello, My customer does want to keep their Ontap OnPrem SnapCenter backups on public clouds like Azure, AWS or GCP. Will it be possible to keep them o ...read more
Hi All,I have fas2040 filer in 7-mode but need to test some API calls for cluster-mode filers and I am looking for ways to do that.I have found out th ...read more
Hi,   We check NetApp KB refer "Solaris LUNs cannot be resized due to their partitioning scheme" as below.   https://kb.netapp.com/?title=Advice_and_T ...read more
HI All     I build a OnTAP simulator lab server and want to collect audit log... so I create a CIFS volume to let user place their data (eningeering), ...read more
We have 5 different 4 nodes clusters running an at the moment and almost in every cluster the disk ID's are different. For example in one they are the ...read more
Hello,   I am thinking about upgrading the complete FAS2750 stack we have from IOM6 to IOM12. Does anybody have any experience with the performance in ...read more
Hi Gurus,   In ONTAP 9.X MetroCluster solution can we configure node scoped NDMP Tape backups from the DR site (assuming SVM scopped will not work as ...read more
Dear Community,   is it right, that ONTAP Select is creating automatically a Cluster Base License like ONTAP with FAS/AFF? Because since the newest Ve ...read more
Hi guys,     The customer has a FAS8080 with some X308 3TB disks, but haven´t any more spares. On the same cluster, he has a FAS9000 with X318 8TB dis ...read more
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