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how do we get the 7-mode controller details via powershell/REST api?   details such as model, serial number...etc   In cluster mode, we can use Get-Nc ...read more
My English is not good, please try to understand   I have two Storages with 7-mode, one storage is online and 2nd is not in production/free. One drive ...read more
We recently had NetApp install a two-node FAS8700 cluster, but when we checked - we can only connect to 1 out of the service-processors. We can connec ...read more
Hello,   Our customer is currently using CIFS from Ontap 9.5 and  8.2.4 (7-mode) and he is going to change some user's UPN attributes (userPrincipalNa ...read more
I am in the process of doing a controller swap from a FAS2620 to a FAS8200 using the Upgrading Controller Express Guide.   The instructions say to net ...read more
Updated to ontap 9.6P9 from ontap 9.5  directly after I notice my PRTG (https based) sensors  going down for this cluster short time after i found out ...read more
Hi all,   we run a Powershell script to create snapshots from Windows 2012 R2 machine on a FAS2554. It ran flawlessly until last week when we upgraded ...read more
Hello!   In the following extract, what accounts for System-Default?   STG::> qos statistics workload resource cpu show -node STG-01 -rows 20Workload ...read more
I read through the manuals but it seems I dont quite understand how to properly set up an NFS Storage with no_root_squash and Name Mapping for my Doma ...read more
Hello,   Does anyone has ever seen this?   - I am able to resolve any name in the domain using ping command on ONTAP (9.7P3); - dns check command fail ...read more
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