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I am in the process of doing a controller swap from a FAS2620 to a FAS8200 using the Upgrading Controller Express Guide.   The instructions say to net ...read more
Hello Guys   Any question. I need download Ontap 9.7P4 but is not available.   There is a reason why it is no longer available?   Regards Sebastian An ...read more
Hi,  We have two applications configured on ontap 9.4 and we would like to disable the automatic snapshots: application show-detail :   ============== ...read more
how do we get the 7-mode controller details via powershell/REST api?   details such as model, serial number...etc   In cluster mode, we can use Get-Nc ...read more
I was referring this document available on forum to fetch the metrics of aggregates with the API  /api/v2/gateways/{cluster.uuid}/storage/aggregates/{ ...read more
We are trying to migrate an application which were using OCUM API Services to use Active IQ REST due to architectural change mentioned in below link : ...read more
Hello, friends. I have two clusters who once had SnapMirror relationships, but we're breaking up the band. I deleted the SnapMirror relationships, vse ...read more
My English is not good, please try to understand   I have two Storages with 7-mode, one storage is online and 2nd is not in production/free. One drive ...read more
We recently had NetApp install a two-node FAS8700 cluster, but when we checked - we can only connect to 1 out of the service-processors. We can connec ...read more
Hello,   Our customer is currently using CIFS from Ontap 9.5 and  8.2.4 (7-mode) and he is going to change some user's UPN attributes (userPrincipalNa ...read more
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