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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hello Expert,   we recently installed a client Host SuSE Enterprise Linux 15. We noticed that from this host , we are unable to do ssh onto Netapp Sto ...read more
Hi All,   Currently i am having a snapvault relationship between system A and system B. Problem is i do not have space left on system B so i need to m ...read more
Hey all,   We are currently running snapcentre 4.0 and plug-ins package 4.0 for windows on vSphere 6.5U2. Since the flash support is ending for vspher ...read more
HI ,   how QOS will help in auto-tiering or storage tiering?   thanks
We have aggr1_Node03 that contains 22 disks (with 2 hot spares).  Those disks are split into 2 RAID groups (each with 11 disks) and there are 2 parity ...read more
Hi. Is it advisable to tag Management Vlan on the port hosting the Intercluster LIF's ? I remember I came across this somewhere (probably in one of te ...read more
What is best way and steps to undertake preventive maintenance on NetApp Storage?
  Can you resize the root volume like any other volume?  We are looking to forward the audit logs to an external device and was told it will take up s ...read more
Hi Everyone..   Actually we have FAS2240 with Data Ontap 8.1.4P1 7-Mode and Filer-A had failed. So we have replaced with New one. But unfortunately fo ...read more
Hi   I have one FAS2050 with ontap 7.3.3 , need to migrate CIFS shares with permission to FAS2720 with ontap 9.6    Can anyone help to provide best wa ...read more
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