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hello all, on a 7mode filer with version [NetApp Release 8.2.4P5] we are trying to move a volume from one aggregate to another but it gives the below ...read more
Hi All,   Could you please guide me with what are the Performance and latency maximum and minimum values for the volume and cluster ?
We recently had NetApp install a two-node FAS8700 cluster, but when we checked - we can only connect to 1 out of the service-processors. We can connec ...read more
Hi guys. Running C-Mode 9.3 clusters. I see system manager is baked into the cluster. Does this mean that any updates to system manager ship with the ...read more
Where can customers provide positive/negative feedback on the new user interface? 
Hi Team,   Kindly advice and suggest.As we are getting alerts as per attached doc.   RUH-PS-######::> network interface show -failoverLogical Home Fai ...read more
Hello,    I'd like to know what's happening when simulating a failed disk in ADP configuration on an AFF C190 with the following sysconfig -r :    === ...read more
Updated to ontap 9.6P9 from ontap 9.5  directly after I notice my PRTG (https based) sensors  going down for this cluster short time after i found out ...read more
Hi Guys,   When we perform internal scans on our NetApp Cluster mode storage systems, we found below vulnerabilities.   ISC BIND Denial of service ISC ...read more
Hi guys, when i logged on the ontap system manager this morning, this is the message that was on my overview "Node "Morgan02" has taken over node "Mor ...read more
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