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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating System, ONTAP, and its data protection features and plug-ins.

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I have four aggregates, two SAS and two NL-SAS. I created a Mirror and Vault Protection Relationship and it automatically created the destination volu ...read more
We observe below error for one of our Netapp Cluster version  : NetApp Release 9.1P12   netapp.manage.NaProtocolException: Unexpected HTTP response: 4 ...read more
Hello, In January Microsoft will force "LDAP Signing" (LDAPS) and "channel binding" which will make all unencrypted connections impossible to the Acti ...read more
What is best way and steps to undertake preventive maintenance on NetApp Storage?
I'm trying to create a Mirror and Vault Protection Relationship but I'm a little confused. When creating the Protection Relationship, why do I need to ...read more
9.6p7 here.   If there is no active-directory configured in any vservers as nothing I can get by running "vserver active-directory shwo", how can CIFS ...read more
Hello, I am seeing this very strange behavior:   # df output /vol/vol_SQL1_MS1_Data_1/ 3328599656 3180880684  147718972      96%  /vol/vol_SQL1_MS1_Da ...read more
The documentation says   "The fast zeroing enhancement does not support systems upgraded from a release earlier than ONTAP 9.4."   is there a way to d ...read more
I have a question regarding the data ontap powershell toolkit. As probably most of you know by now; snapdrive has been quietly put out of order in fav ...read more
Hi Hardware: FAS 2240-4 NetApp Release 8.2.4P6 7-Mode 24*1TB-SATA-Disks, FС 8G   Tell me where is the bottleneck for reading.Netapp disk system reads ...read more
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