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boot.varfs.backup.issue: Backup of the /var file system failed




We received the following message


EMERGENCY "boot.varfs.backup.issue: Backup of the /var file system has failed (found 67 files missing during backup"


Checking the system everything seems ok, message seems to suggest boot media.


Has anyone encountered this before and what action is needed ?







Personally I don't remember seeing this message before, but looking up in the EMS catalog, there is an entry for this error. I suggest raise a call or raise a ticket plz,  just to be on the safer side ASAP.




EMS Identifier: bootfs.varfs.issue
Deprecated: Deprecated as of version 9.0 to rename the event to boot.varfs.backup.issue.
Severity : ERROR
Description This message occurs when an error is detected while trying to backup the var filesystem to the boot media or mroot file system.
Corrective Action : Contact NetApp technical support.
Syslog Message The var filesystem backup failed (%s)
Parameters err_str (STRING): Error string.


In the mean time, while you log a call: check mroot volume space on the root aggregate.


This could be useful:




Hello currently I do not have a support contract.


I wanted to collect the following to compare to the partner






I do not believe it is possible to get to the dev folder /dev/


Is there an easier way to get the /varfs.tgz, it seems I can tar the whole folder just not the varfs I need.


I also noticed for this one Aggr0 has 95% used space, could this be the cause of the issue


I only want to open a case with Netapp as a last resort