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bringing sfp online


I recently changed a fc sfp from a target to an initiator. I rebooted. I then tried to bring it back online but i get this error.

labcluster::system node hardware unified-connect*> fcp adapter modify -node labcluster-01 -adapter 0f -state up

Error: command failed: entry doesn't exist



Any ideas on how to get the adapter back up?


Re: bringing sfp online


By any chance, the command you entered is interpretted as "vserver fcp modify" since. it starts with "fcp".



Please try "system node hardware unified-connect modify"

system node hardware unified-connect modify".


Re: bringing sfp online


It appears that the problem is with the tape library. Does anyone have experience direct connecting to a tape library in cluster mode? I have an ibm ts3200 tape library i have direct connected to the netapp initiator port, but the port wont light up (it will light up and come online when connect to a switch). I have the tape drive port configured as an NL port and didnt have issues when direct connecting to a 7 mode controller.

Re: bringing sfp online


How do the ports look from the nodeshell?  Sometimes easier to check in there


“node run nodename storage show adapter”


"node run nodename fcadmin config”

Re: bringing sfp online

What filer model is it?
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