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cDOT: downloading pktt trace files


I've dumped network traces to disk using the command 'system node run -node cluster02-02 -command pktt dump', the trace files are listed in the output of 'pktt list'. However when I go to 'https://cluster.intranet.net/spi/cluster02-02/' there is no directory listing. I've also tried downloading the files using the trace file name, for example 'https://cluster.intranet.net/spi/cluster02-02/filename.trc', but nothing happens. Is there a way to download trace files written to / on the node?


I am using a user account that has HTTPS access and I've confirmed by downloading files in /etc/crash and /etc/mlog.



If someone is using newer ONTAP versions, there's a new ONTAP 9.2+ network tcpdump command. The traces are stored in a subdirectory of the log directory:


To show packet trace files:
::> network tcpdump trace show
Packet traces are stored in the following path:


Hope that helps





in case you have more files, you can use wget to download all of them at once:


wget -r -l1 --no-check-certificate --no-parent 'https://admin:<password>@<cluste_ip>/spi/<node>/etc/crash/'




When you are running your packet trace, depening on the node, you need to point it to a directory


so for example


pktt -d /etc/crash - then when you access your SPI, they are located in there


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