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cDOT first time

Hi All


My first play with cDOT. I am trying to create a volume on the node server. I keep getting an error saying Error: command failed: This operation is not allowed on a node Vserver.

Do you have to have a vserver to be able to create any data volumes?




Re: cDOT first time


yes every volume belongs to a vserver. No vserver no data 😉



Re: cDOT first time

yes i get that but in vserver show the actual physical nodes show here yet you dont seem to ba able to create volumes on them apart from the vol0.??



Re: cDOT first time

Clustered Data ONTAP has 3 types of vservers (now renamed as Storage Virtual Machines or SVMs) ie, admin type, node type and data-serving type. The first two are purely for management and cluster operation, where the last one is the only data serving vserver. All data volumes must be associated with a data vserver. You can see the current vserver types in your cluster by issuing the command:


cluster :: > vserver show -fields Vserver,Type

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