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cDot 8.3.2P5 SnapManager 7.1.3P1 Expanding LUN Error

Hey community,


i just have a little question for you. I tried to expand a LUN on our AFF 8040 cDot system, but the operation failed. I've got the following error message by the SnapDrive e-mail notifier:




Data ONTAP LUN Manager Auto Notification - LUN event : Error




LUN Manager Event Detail:


Computer Name: xxxxxx

Event ID: 125

Type: Error

Category: LUN event


Description: Failed to expand the LUN by 51189 MB. Failure in expanding NTFS file system on the disk.


LUN Name = Daten

Storage Path = /vol/xxxxxx_data/xxxxxxx_E/ Protocol Type = HTTP Storage System Name = SVM12


Error code : Error 0x6d occured. Description is not found.


Here some more details:


Storage system:  AFF8040HA (cDot 8.3.2P5)

Server system:    Windows Server 2008R2 (latest patches)

SnapDrive:          SnapDrive 7.1.3P1



Do you have any ideas, where's the problem? Could this might be the problem, that it isn't possible to expand the LUN more than its 10x size?


Thanks for helping.






Re: cDot 8.3.2P5 SnapManager 7.1.3P1 Expanding LUN Error



It may be due to bug: http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=105786

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