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cdot 8.3 configure ADV

hi all,

i configure fas 2520 dual controller in cdot mode.

Use netapp system setup software, on 5 step configure storage.

Software set disk as the images:




I want configure advanced drive partition on cluster active\passive , for having more space as possible for the data to.


How should i proceed, have suggestions?

Re: cdot 8.3 configure ADV

KB 1015004 will walk you through the process of using the Advanced Drive Partitioning feature in Data ONTAP 8.3.



Re: cdot 8.3 configure ADV

thanks to the rapid response.

I'm confused, adv is automatically configured by the wizard?
in cdot mode with 12hard disk 600GB what is the maximum volume that can reach?

Re: cdot 8.3 configure ADV

Maximum data aggregate size inFAS2520 12x600GB SAS A/P is 3628.98GiB(1 spare, 2 parity, 9 data).
You need to initialize FAS as KB1015004 directed. Disks will be partitioned in process of boot menu 4.
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