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clustered ontap 8.3 change shelf id on disks


Hi ,


I have a clustered ontap 8.3.2 ( FAS 8020) . Recently i added a disk shelf , however it picked up a wrong shelf id (basically shelf id 7) and i already have another shelf with same ID.

I changed it on the shelf to 8 . However the new disks are still seeing them as 7 , i power cycled the shelf but still no good.

how do i change the shelf id on the disks?






The ID on the panel not blinks right?   (blinks means not set)



on DS4243 There might be a shelf ID conflict in the backplane,


What module the shelf is?  are other commands execpt of the disks ones show the correct ID ?



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK




The storage shelf shows the wrong id as well. Issue was when i added the shelf the id was set to 7 , whhich is already assigned to another sheld , i didnt realize that , however when i noticed it it changed it physically to 8 . Howevever when i loged into netapp the disks and the shelf still shows id 7.

I was wondering is there a command to correct the shelf id?  so that i can change the sheld id to to corespond to the physical id of 8




the article i added before might be relevant. as seems like the IOM indeed not picked the number.   need the output from that article to know for sure and find the least disruptive plan (could be that the fix suggested in the KB will just do the work. but you might need to change it physically back and forward including power cycle so it will pick it up correctly)

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Unfortunately there is no command to change the id permanently.  The supported mechanism to formally change the shelf id is to set the id physically on the shelf, then power-cycle the shelf.


Having shelves with the same id is not an functional problem.  If two shelves have the same ids but are on different loops, they are still unique to the controllers and there is no error condition indicated.  If the two shelves are on the same disk loop, one of them will get "soft assigned" an id above 100 by the controllers to make it be unique, and a warning/error indication on the shelf and controllers will be listed so that it can be corrected.


Of course, visual identification of a shelf or a disk within a shelf is more challenging with two shelves having the same id, say when replacing a disk.  Definitely can create an administrative/operational type of issue if maintenance activities take place on the wrong shelf.



Hope this helps.


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