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container-type change


Hello all,

We have small 2750 with Ontap 9.6P4 and 2 node controlers. We have only 9 disks inside. Both root aggregates are on 3-disks raid_dp aggregates each with container type "aggregate".

That type make it impossible to use partitions on aggregates.

I would like to change the container-type to  "shared".

How can i do that?

Can I modify existing one? or move node1 aggr to node2 aggr then create new one?

Thanks in advance for any help




Re: container-type change


Have you checked to see if advanced disk partitioning is enable on this system?

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Re: container-type change


Converting to and from ADP can only be done on (re)initialization of the system.   You would need to remove all data from the system, and reboot it and run option 9 then 9a/9b. 


Can you post the output of the following just so we can verify. 


storage disk show
storage disk show -partition-ownership

Re: container-type change


Thanks gentlemen,

I had to run ADP and create a cluster from the scratch.

Fortunately i had no data there yet.



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