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convert fas3240 metrocluster to dual chassis ha


hello all netapp gurus,


I planned to convert fas3240 with expansion metrocluster  to ha . I tired several thing but still getting interconnect error. here what I did;

c0a connected c0a and c0b connected to c0b ( checked several times)

fcvi cards removed from slot 1 fot both controller

system id set up for both node from loader

ha-config set up to ha chassis and controller for both node.

when I google ı found this link  . they said, "psm-cc-config is unset ".,  I did not understand how they did this. I tried from loader but it did not worked. 

I could not check "ic status" , command not found.  when  check "ic" avaiable commands just "ic primary" commands is avaiable. this command belongs to metrocluster. is that means controller still think it is metrocluster ?


can you give any tips about this problem ?


thanks in advance,



from MAINT mode, did you check the "ha-config show"? It should be "ha" for chassis/controller.

From the LOADER> prompt -> try a "set-defaults"? (there may be leftover env vars set from MCC)


VERIFY what, if any cards are still in the system. Look on HWU to make sure they are in the correct slots for a non-mcc system.

Make 100% certain the FCVI card is completely removed from both systems.


It only supports 7-mode, so hopefully you are not trying to boot anything past 8.2.5P5


Use the LINK you provided in your post and follow my answer there.


report back.




thanks for the respond.


"set-defaults" ran in the both controller from loader. 


slot 1 and slot 2 cards removed, are there any other cards related with mc ?


version is ontap 8.14 but i will update to 8.2 asap. but i did not understand "so hopefully you are not trying to boot anything

past 8.2.5P5".  what support 8.2.5P5 ?



If I remember correctly (3240 is very old). The 3240 and 3210 do not support having an HA pair in 2 chassis. The HA interconnect goes through the backplane unless you have a MetroCluster config.




ı am sorry, platform is not 3240. 3250 is the correct platform. 


3250 would be the same as 3210,3220 and 3240. .

tuncay  I also found 32xx series support 7 mode ha with different chassis.


ı did not find anything about not support for HA pair in 2 chassis.


I also tried same chassis but got error when controller boot. "must have an IOXM in slot of the chassis" 

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