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copy volumes onto external hard disk, copy onto filer and enabling snapmirror?


Hi NetApp Community,

I would have a question what I haven't found the answer yet for...

We're opening a new office in Vietnam and in the first years we won't have too high bandwidth between our office location and our headquarter that means synchronising would take for months.

We can't wait till then of course...

What we thought to do is to copy the data of all volumes we want to be mirrored onto an external hard disk and copy onto the storage after taking with me to Vietnam and then we would enable snapmirroring to get delta data synchronised and to have 1:1 mirror for these volumes henceforward.

Do you know if it's possible and if yes then how could we do it?

Thanks a lot for any help in advance!






You can copy a volume data through share.... mount your share & copy data to eternal hard drive. Create the volume on destination filer & paste your data & start mirroring:)


Hi Sharmamanish,

What I’ve tried so far:

- I’ve copied part of entire data to destination filer.

- I’ve copied entire data onto source filer.

- I’ve created snap mirror relationship (configuration)

- Started to mirror.

Unfortunately the device wanted to synchronise the entire data again and didn’t care about existing ones…

Maybe because of snapshot entries are missing and I should copy that one too?




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Yes You are right.


Copy that all the data & start the base line transfer.


If you want  to use SnapMirror  you  probably need to use  the SMTape utility  here is an KB that  explains the procedure https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1014301&locale=en_US


We do this every day, we use small NetApp 2220's as seed systems, we mirror to them at source site, power down, ship the 2220 to the destination mirror to the destination upon arrival, resync with the source.  If you can tolerate a small outage, you could create a small aggregate, copy the data to a handful of dense 3T drives, pull the drives and ship them (remove ownership first!).

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