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does it necessary to configure linux with stripping for luns and vols


I have FAS3220 and AFF8080EX with ontap cluster version 8.3.1P1.

I am running oracle 12C in linux system - Redhat 6.6 and iscsi protocol with Netapp.

My oracle data size is 2 TB.

According to Netapp best practice, each lun size should not be more than 500GB.

Therefore, I have 4 luns and each lun has a size 500GB. (each lun is in its own vol. Therefore, I have 4 vols for 4 luns.)

I config LVM with 4 luns to get the 2 TB size for the data mount point.

Due to WAFL technology, I wondering whather I need to configure "stripping" on linux or not.

I do not find any document from netapp for "iscsi, linux strip" best practice.

What is the downsize if not stripping with WAFL technology?





This best practice may help you understand better:


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, KVM, and NetApp Storage: Best Practices Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP




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Without striping, the system may write all data to one LUN until it is full and then move sequentially to the next LUN.  I'm not certain it will do that, but it certainly data is probably not well distributed if not using striping.  So for large writes, you may be stressing one LUN at a time. 


Striping will put data in each of the LUNs so that each LUN is utilized equally at all times.  The big benefit is that striping will always give you 4 active threads in your example instead of potentially a single thread.  On the FAS8080EX, multi-threaded performance is always better than single thread.

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