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high used space percentage shows as healthy

I recently installed  OnCommand Plug-in 4.1.3 for Microsoft in my SCOM 2016 environment. The installation appears to be successful - all of the components in our storage were discovered.

However, the aggregates and volumes with high used space percentages are still showing up as healthy.  I added an override to show warnings at 80%, but everything is still showing as healthy (green):



Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?





Re: high used space percentage shows as healthy

The root aggregates that are 95% full are fine. By default we use thick provisioning for the root volume. While we are reserving 95% of the space in the aggregate it is really not that full. I would need to get a little more information to investigate the data aggregates. But I would suspect that something similar is going on there as well.

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