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how do I know if an aggregate is 64-bit or 32-bit, why 32-bit Snapshot got produced?


I have two questions and need your help with, CLI's preferred.


1. how do I tell if a aggreate is 64-bit or 32-bit,

2. why some of SVM created 32-snapshots, is this determined by SVM or aggregate?


cDOT, 8.2.1


Thanks for sharing!



run -node * aggr status  - make sure they all say 64-bit.  I thought cDOT was only 64bit.  


On one of the snapshots run -instance and paste back




as you can see below, the aggr is 64-bit, but the SS is 32-bit. It is required to disable 32-bit aggr when upgrade to 8.3. Again, how come 32-bit SS got produced, and by what?


>node run -node * -command aggr status
2 entries were acted on.

Node: node-01

           Aggr State           Status                Options
node_01_sas_aggr1 online          mixed_raid_type, aggr raidsize=22, cache_raid_group_size=8,
                                64-bit                hybrid_enabled=on
  z_node_01_root online          raid_dp, aggr         root

Node: node-02

           Aggr State           Status                Options
node_02_sas_aggr1 online          mixed_raid_type, aggr raidsize=22, cache_raid_group_size=8,
                                64-bit                hybrid_enabled=on
node_02_sata_aggr2 online          raid_dp, aggr         raidsize=20, cache_raid_group_size=23,
                                64-bit                hybrid_enabled=on

  z_node_02_root online          raid_dp, aggr         root




snapshot -instance:


                              Vserver: node-nfs
                               Volume: volume_xyz
                             Snapshot: hourly.4
                        Creation Time: Tue Jun 24 16:00:30 2014
                        Snapshot Busy: false
                       List of Owners: -
                        Snapshot Size: 44KB
           Percentage of Total Blocks: 0%
            Percentage of Used Blocks: 17%
             File System Block Format: 32-bit
                      7-Mode Snapshot: true
      Label for SnapMirror Operations: -
                       Snapshot State: valid
                 Constituent Snapshot: false


The volume was transitioned from 7-mode, but the question is why SS is still shown as 7-mode and 32 bit

Snapshots migrated from 7-Mode likely cannot be converted - they are read-only by definition.



I know that.


My question is, once the volume got transitioned to cDOT, why those new SS produced based on the new policy on cDOT is still in 7-mode and 32-bit.


You showed what I wanted to confirm.. -instance shows 7-mode true, means exactly what the other poster said, made in 7-mode, 


Sorry, but what I dont' unerstand is that, based on the timestamp, the snapshot and also a lot of others which I did not list here have been created on cDOT filer, the most recent one was just yesterday.


So, why cDOT is still creating these SS?


Could you paste volume show -instance for the volume in question? Doing it in diag mode may show even more.


 (volume show)

                                     Vserver Name: vs1
                                      Volume Name: volume_xyz
                                   Aggregate Name: aggr2
                                      Volume Size: 100MB
                                     Name Ordinal: base
                               Volume Data Set ID: 2014
                        Volume Master Data Set ID: 2147485664
                                     Volume State: online
                                      Volume Type: RW
                                     Volume Style: flex
                           Is Cluster-Mode Volume: true
                            Is Constituent Volume: false
                                    Export Policy: export_policy_volume_xyz
                                          User ID: 0
                                         Group ID: 0
                                   Security Style: unix
                                 UNIX Permissions: ---rwxr-xr-x
                                    Junction Path: /vol/volume_xyz
                             Junction Path Source: RW_volume
                                  Junction Active: true
                           Junction Parent Volume: vs1_root
                              Vserver Root Volume: false
                                          Comment: standalone : x.x.x.x : vfiler0 : volume_xyz
                                   Available Size: 93.93MB
                                  Filesystem Size: 100MB
                          Total User-Visible Size: 95MB
                                        Used Size: 1.07MB
                                  Used Percentage: 6%
             Volume Nearly Full Threshold Percent: 95%
                    Volume Full Threshold Percent: 98%
             Maximum Autosize (for flexvols only): 120MB
           Autosize Increment (for flexvols only): 5MB
                                 Minimum Autosize: 100MB
               Autosize Grow Threshold Percentage: 95%
             Autosize Shrink Threshold Percentage: 50%
                                    Autosize Mode: off
             Autosize Enabled (for flexvols only): false
              Total Files (for user-visible data): 3033
               Files Used (for user-visible data): 100
                           Maximum Directory Size: 40.88MB
                            Space Guarantee Style: volume
                        Space Guarantee in Effect: true
                               Minimum Read Ahead: false
                       Access Time Update Enabled: true
                Snapshot Directory Access Enabled: true
                     Space Reserved for Snapshots: 5%
                            Snapshot Reserve Used: 113%
                                  Snapshot Policy: daily
                                    Creation Time: Tue Jun 09 14:45:40 2015
                                         Language: C
                                     Clone Volume: false
                           FlexCache Cache Policy: -
                        FlexCache Minimum Reserve: -
                            FlexCache Delegations: true
                                        Node name: node-02
                               UUID of the Volume: b9c09435-0ed7-11e5-b474-123478563412
                                    NVFAIL Option: off
                          Volume's Nvfailed State: false
                        Is File System Size Fixed: false
                                    Extent Option: off
                    Reserved Space for Overwrites: 0B
                               Fractional Reserve: 100%
                       Load Sharing Source Volume: -
                               Move Target Volume: false
                          Physical Replica Volume: false
                       Maximum Write Alloc Blocks: 0
                      Snapshot Cloning Dependency: off
                     Use Unicode Directory Format: true
            Convert Directories to Unicode Format: true
                Primary Space Management Strategy: volume_grow
                         Read Reallocation Option: off
                 Inconsistency in the File System: false
                     Is Volume Quiesced (On-Disk): false
                   Is Volume Quiesced (In-Memory): false
                       Transition Operation State: none
                              Transition Behavior: none
                            Copied for Transition: false
                                     Transitioned: true
        Volume Contains Shared or Compressed Data: false
       Volume Efficiency metadata Logging Enabled: false
                Space Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0B
           Percentage Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0%
                     Space Saved by Deduplication: 0B
                Percentage Saved by Deduplication: 0%
                    Space Shared by Deduplication: 0B
                       Space Saved by Compression: 0B
            Percentage Space Saved by Compression: 0%
                      Instance UUID of the Volume: 5f8ec94a-96f0-4780-9050-a0fa56c7a494
                    Provenance UUID of the Volume: 5f8ec94a-96f0-4780-9050-a0fa56c7a494
                                       Block Type: 64-bit
                      FlexCache Connection Status: -
  Virtual Machine Alignment 512-Byte Sector Count: -
                 Virtual Machine Alignment Suffix: -
                                 Is Volume Moving: false
                   Flash Pool Caching Eligibility: read-write
    Flash Pool Write Caching Ineligibility Reason: -
                       Managed By Storage Service: -
                             Storage Service Name: -
Create Namespace Mirror Constituents For SnapDiff Use: -
         Action When Attributes Are Not Reachable: -
                          Constituent Volume Role: -
            Maximum Size of Namespace Constituent: -
            Maximum Size of Each Data Constituent: -
                              Directory Bit Width: -
                            QoS Policy Group Name: _Performance_Monitor_volumes
                  Is Volume Move in Cutover Phase: false
          Number of Snapshot Copies in the Volume: 83

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