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how to export NFS volume to a client and owned by an ordinary user with root_squash


clus::vserver export-policy rule> create -vserver clus-dev-1 -policyname exp_policy -ruleindex 1 -anon 1234 -clientmatch test.com  -rorule sys -rwrule sys -superuser none


1234 is the id for the ordinary user.



As the result, the FS is still owned by root:root, and the root has no permission to create anything. how do I make it to be owned by the user? Thanks!



volume modify -user 1234


Thanks, it works!


If I want to set root-squash, I can use -superuser none, root privilege will then be restricted. After I (root) mount, it is still owned by root, and 755, Which is fine.


but,  it seems nobody then could create any files.   what should I do to allow users to be able to rw? do I have to mount it with mode 777, only then others are able to rw?


I'd have thought you'd need to create another rule, with a root-enabled export to an administration box, mount the area on that box with the root enabled export, chown the area 1234.root, and then the 755 permissions will allow the owner to create files, and everyone else to read and execute. 

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