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how to troubleshoot error on snapvault

how can i troubleshoot this issue .. snapvault isn't connecting to its source.. 


On the Source side everything is up and running perfectly fine..



Source:                 EABCDETW01:/vol/cifs_fs01/-
Destination:            ecdrtudt01b:/vol/sv_ EABCDETW01/qtree_11112013_092530
Status:                 Idle
Progress:               -
State:                  Snapvaulted
Lag:                    4616:05:04
Mirror Timestamp:       Fri Jul 20 00:00:07 CDT 2018
Base Snapshot:           ecdrtudt01b  (1886747403)_sv_EABCDETW01_qtree_11112013_092530-dst.0
Current Transfer Type:  Retry
Current Transfer Error: cannot connect to source filer
Contents:               Transitioning
Last Transfer Type:     Update
Last Transfer Size:     2904 KB
Last Transfer Duration: 00:00:57
Last Transfer From:     EABCDETW01  :/vol/cifs_fs01/-

Re: how to troubleshoot error on snapvault

Did you try to ping from the source to the destination? Did it work?

Are snapvault schedules defined on source and destination...


What about messages in snapmirror.log?

Re: how to troubleshoot error on snapvault

From both the source and destination it says it's alive


on the source side I checked 


snapmirror.access            legacy




rdfile /etc/snapmirror.allow


The destination isn't listed... I also checked for this on the destination side and source isn't listed

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