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is Nc-RenameExportPolicy Disruptive operation ?? - Cdot


Hi Team,


Need a small help.

We've got a requirement to change export-policy names to all of our C-Dot filers.

After Observing, We came to know that they are 1000's of export policies needs amendment


We've had a powershell script in place to change the export-policy as per our requirment


Now just we need a small confirmation, Does Changing export-policy name(not underlying its rule index) will create any impact to the on-going process ?


Please let me know as soon as possible this change is scheduled in 2 days.. and really dnt want to take any chance in fail. 


Re: is Nc-RenameExportPolicy Disruptive operation ?? - Cdot


This is the same as the CLI operation "vserver export-policy rename" and uses the "export-policy-rename" API...I haven't found any documentation which says that the operation is disruptive.


That being said...I have not tested it.  You may want to do that with a non-production volume/export policy to alleviate any fears.



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