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joining 2 clusters into 1

We have an old 2 node cluster running 8.2.
New 2 node cluster has to be setup running 8.3.
Can we, at a later stage (once the old cluster is upgraded to 8.3), add the new cluster nodes to the old cluster?
Thanks in advance.

Re: joining 2 clusters into 1

You can add nodes, but you cannot merge two clusters and keep data and SVM of both. Nodes will need to be wiped clean, so any data will be lost. To preserve data it has to migrated to new cluster first.

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Re: joining 2 clusters into 1


Can we use a single CN1610 interconnect switch for 2 differnt clusters?

Re: joining 2 clusters into 1


It is technically possible, but I do not think it is supported.

Re: joining 2 clusters into 1


In addition of that, you need to take a look of this document "Clustered Data ONTAP Storage Platform Mixing Rules" that is located at field portal. https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMP1644424


After validation, if you can mix your controllers, you should upgrade your old cluster to 8.3 (to have both in same Data ONTP version) and then join the new and clean hardware to the existing cluster, if you already have data en the new cluster you will need to move your data, wipe the cluster and then join the new hardware to the existing cluster. And you can use your existing switches  CN1610 (remember that you need 2) for intercluster conectivity if you will have a 4 nodes cluster.


hope that helps



Re: joining 2 clusters into 1


If you upgrade both clusters to 8.3.1 and have the space, you can use SVM DR to migrate the SVMs from the older cluster over (including the configuration, not just the data).  Then you could wipe out the old cluster and join the controllers as nodes in the newer cluster and rebalance the load.

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