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looking for snapvault report of selected volumes from different filers


HI All,


I am looking for a snapvault report in DFM of selected volumes (max. 20 - critical ones) from different filers i.e. 2-3 volumes in filer1, 7-8 are in filer2 and so on. The report should contain the "snapvault status" output.

Have searched in DFM but could not find a very definate one on my above requirement.

Heard that this can be achieved in Protection Manager, can someone help me locating this in PM or a script to achieve this.


Thanks in advance.



I am looking for a script or a tool which can show me snapvault info such as as if the job is running, idle, lagged, broken etc, across different source and destination filers. thanks


I'm not sure that a report tool is needed with OnCommand.

I have written 2 years ago a powershell script to report Snapvault Backup (for OSSV). It's an easy report for backup operator.

The OnTAP library can be find here http://www.codeplex.com

The how to is at the beginning of the script under the folder "netapp" named CAPPLAN_Netapp_SnapVault_v5.ps1



Does anyone have solution for this?


Are you still looking for a solution?

I created a web cgi perl script, this script is able to display the max relation lag for any dataset, provide the lag and status for each relations of all dataset.

I have a filter file to excluse several datasets.



The report "Backups by primary directory" seems to give you this - have you tried this one?



Hi Rich,

No luck with this one too. We are vaulting the entire volume from production site to a qtree in dr site. Sample snapvault status is :

prod_filer:/vol/prod_system1/-      dr_filer:/vol/sv_prod_system1/data  source         14:32:12   Idle

So, we require this output from different filers via a single report/script.


I'm doing exactly the same thing here and that report does contain entire volume snapvault entries from multiple filers, including lag time and status. You need to make sure you're running the report against a DFM group with all of the necessary volumes in it.


Hmm, I am somewhat mistaken: that report does not list the secondary qtree, only the secondary volume... I'll keep looking.

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