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lun snap usage -s produces no output

Hi All,


I'm sure I'm missing something but I'm trying to clear down some old snapshot and find out what's using them. When I enter the lun snap usage command it seems to think for a bit the just prduces a new cursor line without showing me any output. I've used this command before, but we've upgraded to 8.2.3P6 since then; has something changed in the command?






Re: lun snap usage -s produces no output



The lun snap usage -s is still valid.


lun snap usage [ -s ] vol_name snap_name

Displays information about all LUNs in active file system and snapshots that are backed by the given snapshot

This command displays all the LUNs in all the existing snapshots which are currently backed by data in the given snapshot snap_name. If you wish to delete the given snapshot snap_name then you must first destroy all those LUNs in the active file system, which are listed in the output. Thereafter, if vol options snapshot_clone_dependency is not set, you need to delete all the snapshots listed in the output starting from the one listed at the top. Once this is done, you can delete the snapshot snap_name. The -s option provides a summary view of the information.






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