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manging netapp cluster via single console


I am looking for solution where we could manage NetApp cluster via single console, organization where 100+ clusters are deployed and how is ontap,sp/firware or some option changes are managed
Appreciate if some shares some idea on the same.




Hi Srikanth


I have used a couple of tools for managing big groups of Linux hosts, these should work fine for managing NetApp systems as well - one is called 'pdsh' and the other C3 Tools (Cluster Command & Control Suite). With these you can configure groups of clusters and it just uses SSH to log in and run commands, summarising the output for you.


For something more elegant (and supported by NetApp) you could take a look at Ansible with the NetApp modules available for it to do things like pushing out configuration changes and maintaining consistency. I don't have much experience with that, but it seems quite powerful so far.


Here'ish might be a start for that if you are keen - https://netapp.io/2018/10/08/getting-started-with-netapp-and-ansible-install-ansible/





Hello Srikanth,


I can advise you NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1.3 for cDot and DataFabric Manager for 7-Mode systems. I use both of them for many products and very useful. For performance issues moitoring NetApp Unified Manager is Useful.


NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1.3 Setup and Installation Guide


NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager Installation Guide


Also you can compare and see differences more products here





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