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net port ifgrp RENAME? doesn't exist

On an install adding 2 6200 nodes to an existing cluster.  The existing cluster was originally 8.1 and upgraded to 8.2  The ifgrp names are c1a,n1a,c2a,n2a, etc... first character for protocol then node number then a or b port.  8.2 requires that the first character is an "a" now... so we can go a3c,a3n on the new controllers...but wanted to rename the existing controllers to match.  Unfortunately there is no rename I can find...so have to destroy and recreate the ifgrp to do that.

Anyone know of a method to rename an existing ifgrp?  Rename is better than recreating...then having to reset mtu which takes time and an outage, then recreating the VLANs, then fixing the failover groups (and more...as we all know in the field) to move all LIFs off the ifgrp one at a time.

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Re: net port ifgrp RENAME? doesn't exist


I didn't find a command to do renaming for ifgrp

But, there is a command to remove port from ifgrp, does that help?
ifgrp remove-port -node.....

remove  ports, make a new ifgrp from those, add it to the same failover group than original ifgrp,

migrate lif and then delete the original ifgrp and add those ports into this newly created ifgrp?



Re: net port ifgrp RENAME? doesn't exist

Adding and removing ports has always worked well.. .hopefully we get a rename in a future release.

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