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oncommand system manager

Why "hardware and diagnositcs" tab not visible in oncommand system manager?


Re: oncommand system manager

What version are you using?

Re: oncommand system manager

Hi Joseph, thank you for replying to this. We need to instruct the customer to look for node's serial number from oncommand system manager, some of them are able to find it from this "Hardware and Diagnostics" tab while some claim they don't see a tab named "Hardware and Diagnostics", I didn't ask what the version was. Is that because they are using an earlier version?

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Yes. That is correct. It's because of the ONTAP version.


ONTAP 9.1 will show nodes under "Hardware and Diagnostics" under the menu at the top.


ONTAP 9.3 will show nodes under "Storage" under the menu on the Left.


Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 4.00.31 pm.png



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Re: oncommand system manager

HiKuber, Thanks a lot for your clarification. It's very thoughtful of you to add pictures in the thread.
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