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performance for igroup

just wondering if we have performance for igroups on Active IQ. we have a SVM with multiple ESX igroups, want to find out traffics form each ESX cluster group which represented by igroup. thanks in advance.


Re: performance for igroup

Just check on my lab, doesn't look like it.    


Could you combine LUNs and total that? 

Re: performance for igroup

AIQUM 9.7 has the ability to add in vCenter so you can see which datastore/ESX host/VM is tied to which volume. Also, you can sign up for a Cloud Insights trial (link at https://cloud.netapp.com). Cloud Insights is the replacement for OnCommand Insight. It lets you correlate all of that.


Just some food for thought.

Re: performance for igroup

Thats good to know!  thanks! 

Re: performance for igroup

thanks for reply.

We are on Active ID 9.6P1.  We play to put six ESX clusters to same SVM each with separated igroups.  when we see performance issues, we will like to know which ESX cluster/igroup is generating more traffics. But I only see performance for SVMs or volumes.

I know we have options to create more SVMs for each ESX cluster, but it will make the system more complicated.

Re: performance for igroup

Ok go ahead and go to 9.7 and you can get those stats and know which VM would be generating the workload.

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