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provosion a VVOL datastore




I use Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 rc 2, VSC-6.0 and  VASA Provider.


I want to create a VVOL datastore, so I chose option "provosion a VVOL datastore", then I chose a SMV and create a new FlexVol.

After it I got an error:

"vCenter API NotFound Exception , , occurred on the server. See VP server logs for more details."

Also I saw "Most recent values for error-Datastore moref of name_of_new_FlexVol was not found on vCenter([gui:createDatastore])", "Most recent values for error-Datastore moref of name_of_VVOLDatastore was not found on vCenter([gui:checkDatastoreNameExists])" on VASA Provider.

Also on ONTAP in SVM->name_of_my_SVM->Storage->Volumes I saw the volume with the name, which was given fot new FlexVol. This volume was online and I was not able turn it off, because of "Volume name_of_new_FlexVol is mounted....".

When I tried to create VVOLs again and I chose option "provosion a VVOL datastore" with the name for Datastore, which was used in the previous attempt, I have got a message that the datastore with such name has already existed, but there was no it in Storages. 


Please, help me with my problem




Hello Nadya,


Are you using the GA version of vSphere 6 and vCenter 6, or a beta version?


If you haven't already, I would recommend restarting the SPS service on your vCenter server.  For a Windows vCenter, this will be the "VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service" item in the services list.  If you are using the VCSA, restart the "vsphere-sps" service.  Alternatively, you can reboot the vCenter server.


System Manager will prevent you from removing a volume which is currently junctioned.  If you browse to the "Namespace" tree item (Cluster_Name -> SVM_Name -> Storage -> Namespace) in the left pane of System Manager, you will see the volume as being mounted.  You will need to unmount it, then offline the volume, before being able to delete it.


In order to mount an VVol container to new hosts you have two options:

  1. From the standard "New Datastore" wizard interface, select the option for "VVOL".  It will display the list of available containers to choose from and conenct to.
  2. From a host which already has the VVol container mounted, right click the container, select the bottom "VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP" menu item, then select "Mount VVOL Datastore".  This will start a wizard which will allow you to select any hosts which do not currently have the container mounted and attach it to them.

Hope this helps.



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