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report ksh


i would like on one command line to gather somes informations like this :

volume name / ip or policy export / used / total

did anyone know how to do it  on one command line or severals  with sh  or ksh







Re: report ksh

You would need to have a user account on the cluster with ssh access and a public ssh key added to the cluster to avoid having to provide the password every time.

See the man page for "security login publickey" for more details.


To get the information you want, just run a command like:


ssh <clustername> volume show -volume <volumename> -fields policy, used, total


and parse the output.


Hope this helps.

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Re: report ksh

thanks very much.

it's perfect

Re: report ksh


I would like to have @IP client match (from export policy) for each volume with used and total capacity on one command line

it is possible ?

Re: report ksh

I don't believe it is.

You can use the 'volume show ...' command to get the name of the export policy applied to the volume.

However, in order to get details of the rules in the policy, you need to use the 'vserver export-policy rule show ...' command.

It shouldn't be too difficult to script this if you have password-less access to the cluster sorted out.



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