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snap list output vs df output



I was wondering how the used space for snapshot copies is calculated.
For one of our volumes I got the warning that the snap copy reserve was full. After resizing the snap % reserve I wanted to check how big the snaps are.
When executing snap list for the volume I got following result:

daily.2019-03-24_0010 124KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-03-25_0010 124KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-03-26_0010 148KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-03-27_0010 124KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-03-28_0010 124KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-03-29_0010 124KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-03-30_0010 128KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-03-31_0010 124KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-04-01_0010 128KB 0% 0%
daily.2019-04-02_0010 124KB 0% 0%
1.37MB 0% 0%


A df -h gave me following output:

Filesystem total used avail capacity Mounted on

1024GB 763GB 260GB 75% /vol_1/.snapshot


I thought the snap reserve space was used by de snaps, but the sum of the sizes does not correspond to the used size from the df -h command. Can someone explain how the space is calculated?

Best regards

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