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snapshot missing data to capture on daily schedule


Hey guys i have seen some very strange issue.

  1. ONTAP 8.3.2P2 there is one volumes and contaisn one FC luns. The LUN is mounted to a windows 2012r2 where cifs are created.
  2. volumes assigned the 9 days snapshot policy and create daily one snapshot.
  3. i need to restore some folder/files from any of the snapshot. so i have created clone of the volumes and mouned the LUNs to windos server.
  4. what i see here that snapshot did not capture the folders/files that need to restore. 
  5. Is it window issue or ONTAP issue. 
  6. Can anyone encounter such issue ??
  7. Please let me know 

Re: snapshot missing data to capture on daily schedule




Please refer KB https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka31A0000000obCQAQ/how-to-recover-files-folders-contained-in-a-lun-from-a-snapshot-of-the-volume-containing-th...

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