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snapshots for ESX


does NetApp have snapshot agent for ESX? i did see somebody talking about restore VMs from NFS volumes. But how about snapshots on LUN volumes for datastores? does it help for any VM protections? Can someone share your experience? thanks


Re: snapshots for ESX




This will help you get started.


Virtual Storage Console:


Link to all VSC documentation:

VMware vSphere with ONTAP


Additional info : If in case you plan to use 'SnapCenter' data protection software from NetApp, then you can import the VSC settings into the SnapCenter and manage the backups from a single application. You can use the NetApp Import Utility for SnapCenter and Virtual Storage Console to migrate the backups, backup jobs, and storage connections. The utility is in the NetApp Support Toolchest.This utility helps customers using VSC 6.x to import metadata to SnapCenter 3.0.1, 4.0, and, 4.1.x, NetApp Data Broker 1.0 or later and to VSC virtual appliance 7.0 or later. Please note, it is not necessary to use SnapCenter for VSC, you can simply download the tool and follow the instructions mentioned in the documentation.

Before downloading the VSC, make you run through the Interoperability matrix tool to determine the correct version of VSC supported with your ONTAP version.


Pick Storage Solution Search, select Virtual Storage Console, view refine search results - Select the ONTAP, Hypervisor, vCenter and see the supported versions of VSC appropriate for your component's version.



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