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snapshots is greater than maximum allowed

Hi All,


I am getting an error while doing an ONTAP upgrade from 8.2.2----> 8.3.2. It says below.


snapshots is greater than the maximum allowed 2,000 snapshots per node for upgrading with Hyper-V over SMB or SQL over SMB in use  


The current configuration of the cluster: FAS3250, two nodes switchless cluster.


1. when I check the hwu for FAS3250, I found that max limit of flex volume is 1000. and as per my understanding per flex volume, we can have 256 snapshots. So how it says that max limit per node would be 2000.


2. Is this limit only applicable when Hyper-V over SMB or SQL over SMB in use?


3. what should be our resolution to fix it?





Khalid Anwar

Check out the KB!
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