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usable space




I have aff a300 controller

1x ds224c shelf 24x3.8tb ssd (ssd x358a)

can anybody tell me what would be the usable space for it ?
and how do i calculate it?





The NetApp Fusion* tool is telling me ~65.02 TiB usable.   

(*note: Fusion is for Partners and NetApp personal)  


To manually calulate it  you'll need to understand stand the way that ADP is configured on the disks. 

Read more about root-data and root-data-data here: 


 With this base config, you would end up with 4 total aggrs.  2 root aggrs and 2 data aggrs.     

Each disk will have 3 total paritions.  1 root and 2 data.    root partition is ~53.88 GiB  each data parition is ~1.72 TiB.   


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