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v-series lun resize (vmax/vmax450f aggr mirror)


have been trying mirror aggrs on a V3270 migrating array luns on target EMC VMAX40K to EMC VMAX450AF.


I  had created luns exactly same size as on target .. in  GB ,  have worked through

 successfully all of node 02 (with all  aggr0,  vfiler_roots and  data aggrs completed...varying sizes)...all  good.

Moved on to node01 ,  completed aggr0 and vfiler_roots ok ... and failed at final aggregate.


Which consisted of 24 TDEVS,  16 x 256, 8 x 300 on source...equivalents made up on  new destination as before.

Now aggr mirror -f fails because it reckons some of the 256 GB disks are "not big enough".  




So have unassigend these disks ,  increaed size on VMAX > 257 GB,  removed /  added into  sg to represent to the NetApp....

which still appears to see the set as their original size ....from filer that is 221.76 GB.


So after having resized array  lun,  unpresented, unassigned....the filer  thinks they are the original  size. 

I've checked on target array and size is  confirmed as increased from 256 > 257 GB.


I  don't understand what signficant about my aggr of 12 x 256 GB and 8 x 300 GB to provoke this aggr mirror issue .. am using CLI as want to mirror (-f -d) to pool 0 disks on new array ..have used this method successfully on this system  and on  the PRE equivalent  ?   Not possible as far as i know to use OnCommand to perform a Pool 0 > Pool 0 mirror.


Am stumped here ....thoughts appreciated. 





It sounds like you need to reboot the Netapp filers so it will re-scan the LUNs to see the size change.