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vifmgr.lifs.noredundancy on IFGRP


Running Multiple FAS 8200s

All running On-Tap 9.3 p10


Hi All


Im seing the below on my filers (in the Event Logs) which im 95% certain is a red herring.

Would like a little clarity or options before i dump it to support so any help greatly appreaciated....


My network is air gapped so logs etc may me difficult.

The "Intercluster Replication" IFGRP comprises of 2 uplinks per filer, carrying the replication vLAN which i have confirmed from the command line.


The replication IFGRP is assigned to the Broadcast Domain "Replication" when checked the correct IFGROUP is shown inside the bradcast domain. So all looks good to me..


However (and im gussing here) that On-Tap cannot determine that IFGRP shown in the Broadcast Domain "Replication" acually consists of multiple physical ports and is therefore beleives that there is actually no redundancey here, hece the error log...?

(Bearing in mind there is some very very heavy design for my estates, and even assiging just an extra physical port will take months of change controll as the designs are updated the documentation valadidated the work instructions ammended then followed with annother round of testing etc etc etc etc...


Is there a quicker way of surpressing just these SPECIFIC events for the Replication Broadcast Domain, or otherwise stopping them without too much modification..?


[Log Snippet below.]  


Severity:- Alert

Source:- vifmgr

Event:- vifmgr.lifs.noredundancy: No redundancy in the failover configuration for 1 lif assigned to node "MY-FILER". LIFs "INTERFACE NAME" (Intercluster replication)


Description: This message occurs when one or more logical interfaces (LIFs) are configured
to use a failover policy that implies failover to one or more ports but have no failover
targets beyond their home ports. If any affected home port or home node is offline or
unavailable, the corresponding LIFs will be operationally down and unable to serve data.


Cheers all

Any help much appreaciated.


Re: vifmgr.lifs.noredundancy on IFGRP


Hi there!


You've got the cause essentially right - IFGRPs are seen as a single port just like a physical port (or a vlan definition), even when multiple ports exist as members, and there is a failover policy set on the LIF, but no other ports it can live on.


You can modify the LIF to not have a failover policy - for a replication one there is essentially no risk to doing so. You would do it by:


network interface modify -vserver <vserver> -lif <lif_name> -failover-policy disabled


Hope this helps!

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