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x710 HBA


I'm beginning the process of upgrading from Data Ontap 9.4 to  9.5 (and beyond), but the IMT shows no support for our two main HBA cards running our ESXi 6.7 and Windows 2016


Does anyone have any experience with following adapters and controller versions relating to Data Ontap support?


HPE ethernet 10GB 2-port 562SFP+ adapter
Intel x710-DA2 Adapter

Intel Ethernet Controller X710


Re: x710 HBA


The Interoperability matrix is usually for FC HBAs, while X710 is a normal Ethernet adapter if I'm not mistaken.

If this is the case, there is no compatibility matrix for normal Ethernet NICs and everything should work through upgrades.

Are those NICs connected to a switch or directly to the controller ports?

Re: x710 HBA


They are CNA nics and are connected to our Aruba 5400zl 10GbE switch. They've been up and running for over a year now without issue.

Re: x710 HBA


for CNA we normally refer to adapters which can do both Ethernet and FC (as well as FCoE) but the X710 seems Ethernet only and I believe this is the reason why we don't have it in our matrix.

you can use the feedback feature of the matrix to contact the team responsible for it and have them verify this information.

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