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2240-2 Cluser slow after Re-Install 9.1 P13




so we recently wiped our 2240 and installed 9.1 P11 and then upgraded to P13.

In the environment with VMWare ESXI 6.7 and NFS, the system is kind of slow when its writing to the SAS disks.

Its 2 Controllers, 2 Shelfs with 24x900 SAS. 

Made 2 AGGR with the disks, 2 SVMs for NFS. 


I cant find a way to narrow down the problem. Sometimes i can vmotion a VM from another 2650 with 200mb/s+ but most of the times, it goes down to less than 10mb/s.

Its kind of toggleling between fast and very slow.


We have had 2 SSDS for each AGGR to speed things up, even with the SSDs added to it its still that slow way. 

Even moving 50GB VM from 1 controller SAS AGGR to the 2nd controller SAS AGGR was moving below 10mb/s which is a shame.


I dont believe anything is broken just from reinstalling since it worked well before under 8.1.x


Tried going back to 1500 MTU on the DATA lifs and the switch, used to run on 9000. Tried my vmware server with latest drivers for the Mellanox Nic.


Any ideas ?



Many things have changed when you went to ONTAP 9.1Px.... cluster-mode, root-data partitioning, you added the SSD's as storage pools?


I'd recommend engaging with NetApp Technical Support.