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6040 HA configuration



I’ve inherited an old 6040 with 4 shelves running ONTAP 7.3.  The problem I’ve encountered and can’t seem to get past is enabling HA. Cluster licensing has been enabled on both nodes but I keep seeing CF not initialized.  Cabling seems to be correct and I have the HA cables connected properly as I get a green light on the HA card but no yellow light indicating communication.

Upon rebooting one of the nodes I noticed the following error:

cf.fm.missingAdapter:error]: Warning:                  clustering is licensed yet an interconnect adapter was not found

I then ran a sysconfig –a and retrieved the following information:

slot 2: NVRAM (NetApp NVRAM VI)

Revision:           G0

                Serial Number:      628106

                Memory Size:        512 MB

Battery 1 Status:   OK (4032 mV)

Charger 1 Status:   OFF

Running Firmware:   9 (4.7.600)

Cluster Interconnect Port 1: copper

Cluster Interconnect Port 2: copper

memory mapped I/O base 0xc1000000, size 0x100000

prefetchable memory base 0xc0800000, size 0x800000

prefetchable memory base 0x3100000000, size 0x20000000

It would seem that the system is detecting the interconnect card but it’s not working.  Is there a special command to enable the card? (because if there is I haven't found it).  I find it strange that both nodes are behaving the same way with the interconnect cards.

Any ideas??




According to the system configuration guide (no longer available online) and the /etc/sysconfigtab files, for a 6040HA, the NVRAM card has to go in slot 1 for HA. If it's in slot 2, it's a stand-alone configuration. Try swapping the card into slot 1 and see if that helps

If not, please post the complete boot messages that the system spits out, as well as the "sysconfig -av" and "sysconfig -cv" output



Information about PCI Slots assignment is now maintained in HWU and is online.