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ACP connectivity required in 8.2



I was told that in 8.2 (at least in cDOT) it's required to have ACP connectivity to SAS shelves (not just recommended).

Config Advisor is complaining about it if it's not configured.

I was trying to find any official document that would state this requirement but I don't see anything.

Is it just Config Advisor thing or is it really required (and then where it's written) ?



IMHO, ACP should be used in all configurations where possible.  Why would you not cable it up?


We have a customer with ACP not cabled running 8.1 7-mode codeline. All the manuals I've seen says it's recommended but I haven't seen anywhere that it's REQUIRED.

Now the customer is thinking about upgrade to 8.2.1 and I just wanted to be sure they won't run unsupported configuration.


I see from your badges your a netapp employee, so you have more resources than I would as a customer.  I would check with your sources, but I don't see how it can be a requirement for 8.2.1.  I searched the release notes but nothing jumped out at me.

As part of your deployment, no cluster, (unless 22xx) should go without acp.   I suggest your customer cable it up as in


Universal SAS and ACP Cabling Guide


It takes a few minutes to setup acp, and then you will not have any issues


ACP is quite simple and doesn't take any time to setup. I believe there is an ACP requirement going forward not to run, but to perform any sort of firmware updates. As an employee, you should be able to determine this quicker than us.