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Adding DS2246 to FAS8020


I've seen another post in the forum regarding the installation of a new shelf on an FAS8020 which is concise and seems clear. The information doesn't seem to match what I've come up with based on the limited information I've been given for our system. I'd like to post what I believe is required with the hope that someone can validate what is planned or point me in the correct direction.


We have a FAS8020 in cluster mode with 5 existing shelves (last is 04) running OnTap 9.1.  I already have the new shelf (05) racked and ready to go. The proposed connection plan is:

--Cable from FAS8020 top right expansion card SAS1A to SAS1B on shelf 05 (new). This cable used to go to shelf 04 SAS1B.

--Cable from shelf 05 SAS1A to shelf 04 SAS1B

--Cable from FAS8020 bottom right expansion card SAS1A to SAS0B on shelf 05. This used to got to shelf 04 SAS0B.

--Cable from shelf 05 SAS0A to shelf 04 SAS0B

--Cable from shelf 03 ACP1A to shelf 05 ACP0B. This used to go to shelf 04 ACP0B.

---Cable from shelf 05 ACP0A to shelf 04 ACP0B

--Cable from shelf 01 ACP0A to shelf 05 ACP1B. This used to go to shelf 04 ACP1B.

--Cable from shelf 05 ACP1A to shelf 04 ACP1B


I used the previous information for when shelf 04 was added last year to come up with this cabling. I was also told that the cabling was based on completing the existing loop for our connections. I've attached the pre-new shelf cabling PDF and connected new shelf PDF as a reference.


Is the cabling correct in general? Is the sequencing OK or should there be a different order? In the event of this being an improper cable configuration, would putting the cables back in the original configuration get us back to a working state without the new shelf?


I'm going into this blind on our, now, unsupported Netapp. Any information and assistance is much appreciated.





Sorry, but Wow!!  No wonder you struggled with this.


Yes, your new cabling is correct, for how your stacks are cabled. I see two loops (Shelves 00 &01) and (03, 02, 04 and 05)

APC is good too.

How many if any are flash/ssd shelves.?


Cabling was done incorrectly to start with but makes all the connections. If you can down the system I would recable it the correct way using the Cabling guide.    Reference pg.20


Thank you for the confirmation. Yeah, the ideal would be to restart cabling from scratch but the hope is that we have a year, maybe 2 left and move on from there for storage. We'll 'ride it out' until this can be retired.


We don't have any SSD  or flash shelves.