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Adding a DS4246 to FAS2240-4


I currently have a FAS2240-4 that is live and nearly full. I am looking to add a DS4246 for extra storage space.  The instructions at this link:  https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1149276

show an example with three DS424x systems added on.  I am just looking to add one.  Looking at the logic for using 3, I am thinking:

Note the two black X's on my diagram.  I do not think I need to connect anything to those two Ethernet ports.  Does this look correct?



Hi Andrew,

You need to ensure all ACP Ethernet ports are daisy chained from the ACP port on controller 1, the ACP ports on both IOM modules on your new shelf, and then back to the ACP port on controller 2. For a HA-Pair configuration all SAS ports on disk shelves should be used.

Here are the cabled connections you need:


Controller 1 0a --> Shelf 1 IOM A SAS Square

Controller 1 0b --> Shelf 1 IOM B SAS Circle

Controller 2 0b --> Shelf 1 IOM A SAS Circle

Controller 2 0a --> Shelf 1 IOM B SAS Square


Controller 1 0P --> Shelf 1 IOM A ACP Square

Shelf 1 IOM A ACP Circle --> Shelf 1 IOM B ACP Square

Shelf 1 IOM B ACP Circle --> Controller 2 0P

Note 0P ports on the controllers refer to the ACP port indicated with a Lock Spanner Port.


Thank you Jonathan.  Just to clarify, the only thing that needs to be changed on my diagram is that the two X's need to be connected together right?  Checking your explanation against my diagram that looks to be the case but I just want to be sure.


Yep, that is the only thing missing in your diagram. Sorry I probably should have said that before.


I'm happy to confirm that this was a success.  I connected the ports labelled with X's as advised by Jonathan and the NetApp shelf is fully functional and in HA mode.  Thanks a bunch Jonathon!

Out of curiosity, were you able to simply add those disks to your aggregate, then?  And grow your volume in place?  Or did you have to migrate data with this configuration?