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Boot system Diagnostics on FAS3240 MC


Hi All,

I have a FAS3240 metro cluster which performed a level 2 watchdog reset causing panic takeover of node A. System rebooted and I made the system giveback which resulted in the system up and running again. The watchdog reset was a single incident so by now no worries. However, I want to do a system diagnostic on node A, but if I do a takeover of node A I cant access that specific node from SSH. So cant I boot diagnostics on node A without having to shut the whole system down? If I reboot node A will node B automatically takeover while node A reboots and at the same time node A being reachable from SSH? Any suggestion?

Thank you

Regards, Nicolai



How would shutting down both nodes help you to get access to node A? Really curious

To boot diagnostics you need access to console. It is available either locally via serial port or remotely via SP. If SP network is configured, SP is accessible even if node is shut down, as long as power is applied to the system.

To configure SP use "sp setup" command on filer. It shares e0M port with Data ONTAP, so you have to connect it to LAN. It does not support tagged VLANs.