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CN1610 FASTPATH update


I just want to confirm, and even though i read it in the documetnation I want to verify with the community that after sending up the STK file to the clsuter switch and making sure it's active, when I send the "RELOAD" command the switch will reboot into the new image and the netapp LIFS would automatically failover to the other cluster switch while the updated switch reboots into the new image.


It should all be non-disruptive correct.  There maybe a 10 delay while the LIFS fail over..


Anyone can confirm they done it before.. I'm sure lots have I just to cover all my bases.  I know I can fail the LIFS ahead of time but at this time I do not have a diagram or picture showing me which ports are connected to which switch.


Thank you,





Yes, it is designed to be non-disruptive as long as everything is cabled correctly (I have discovered physical cabling errors the hard way, so don't repeat my mistakes! 🙂 ). Although I'm sure it would work without migrating the cluster LIFs, I have always followed the documentation and migrated them prior to downloading the STK and reloading the switch, and then migrating them back afterwards. 

If you have access to Active IQ, there's a pretty sweet Cable Visualization tool that will show you all of your physical cabling connections. If not, viewing the MAC tables on the cluster switches and correlating the data there to ONTAP cluster interfaces would always work in a pinch too. 


perfect.. thank you.   I'll play it safe and take a look at the wireing and migrate the LIFS ahead of the switch reboot.




You're welcome, good luck with your upgrades! 


What ONTAP version are you running? 

The more recent the version, the more likely you won't see any hiccups with a switch reboot and the subsequent LIF failovers.


This handy command will show you the connection info from CDP (neighbor discovery).

::> network device-discovery show