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Can I move a move a DS4243 to a different SAS stack on the same filer non-disruptively?


I have a site that wants to expand into a second cabinet.  For the sake of simpler SAS cabling, they want to move DS4243's in one rack to the same SAS stack, and provision DS4243's in the new network rack as a new SAS stack.  Currently, DS4243's in the original network rack are split between two SAS stacks.

Can I re-cable the original DS4243's into a single SAS stack without a system interruption?





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I couldn't find it anywhere in writing, but I think it is the same situation with the DS4243 like it used to be with the DS14:

- hot add is supported, but hot remove is not.



might be possible if all the disks in the 2nd stack are not in aggregate yet. then you can just offline the whole stack 2 and hot-add it to the 1st stack.

ensure that those disks are not in an aggregate or the controller will panic with a multi-disk failure when you offline the stack




No hot removal of shelves even for all spares as far as I know.. It often works (or core dumps), but not supported unless there has been a change in the support policy.

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yea a bit risky since not supported but it worked for me all the time...


I second that. It's unsupported, but it works so long as the disks are all spares. I favour unowning the disks first also, just so the filer doesn't recognised owned spares disappearing. If the disks have data on them, then no chance, you'll cause all manor of havoc!